TMA Talent Assessment

People are most motivated, effective and successful when they do work that really suits them

TMA Talent Assessment

The flagship of TMA Method is the TMA Talent Assessment. This unique assessment reveals 22 drives and 44 talents of your candidate in a comprehensive and simple manner. The report is written in a positive and development-oriented manner and available in 11 languages.

Candidates take TMA Talent Assessment online. During this assessment, 22 drives, 44 talents and 53 competencies are measured. The TMA Talent Assessment is based on positive psychology, does not give any judgment and provides deep insight into the personality. The dashboards and reports provide information about talents and competencies that are easy to develop. In addition, TMA gives advice on the ideal working environment, learning & development style.

Talent overview

The talent overview shows all talents and drives of your candidate.

Potential Overview

The potential overview shows the development potential for more than 40 competencies.

TMA Radar

TMA Radar, in an overview all talents are graphically displayed.
TMA Radar

Description of  personality

A talent-oriented summary of the most striking drives of your candidate

Development advice

Each person learns in his/her own way and through “TMA Development Advice”  personal guidelines are given on development.

Communication advice

You will get advice about effective communication.

Avoidable communication

Based on the TMA Talent Assessment you can immediately see how “not” to communicate with your candidate

Matching advice

Based on the talent assessment you can match candidates with different profiles. See immediately to what extent the candidate fits a profile based on his/her talents.

Performance matrix

The Performance matrix combines data from the talent assessment with 360-degree feedback. You see both the aptitude for a competency and the actual level of that competency.
Performance Matrix

TMA Talent Assessment can be used in many ways

TMA provides instruments for talent and competency management through an online portal that can be completely customized to your needs. Access all TMA tools, dashboards and reports in 10 languages.

TMA Talent Assessment is meant for different kind of professionals

What are my talents? What are my personal skills and competencies? What can I learn easily? Through TMA Talent Assessment, employees get a lot of information about themselves and all that information is written in a positive manner. With TMA Talent Information, employees can easily discuss their personal development: In what areas is it going well and what can be improved? What are the perspectives for personal development? Aligning work with people’s talents gets a lot easier with TMA Talent Assessment.

Employees can use the talent information to plan their work: what is good and what is better to avoid. The talent assessment can be deployed in teams to divide work among the team members better based on talents.

With TMA Talent Assessment, managers have the major advantage of learning more about their employees. Use this talent information in a dialogue with individual employees or your whole team. The following questions can be easily responded with the information from TMA Talent Assessment:

  • What are the best development perspectives for this employee?
  • What work and what role can be best performed by a certain person in the team and what should better be avoided?
  • How can I coach an employee to bring his skills to a higher level?
  • How can I control my team based on their needs? What should better be avoided?
  • What are the solution strategies that can be successfully applied in the team and what solutions are inefficient?
  • How can I make sure that people in the team understand each other and cooperate better?
Human Resource Departments can use the TMA Talent Information to support individual and team management. For instance, HR can see what the main behavioral preferences of a team are. On this basis, HR can take more accurate measures to ensure that the team is moving in the right direction. HR can also search for the staff to perform certain functions, roles and/or projects based on people’s talents.

The idea of searching people based only on their knowledge and skills is becoming less relevant in today’s fast-paced world. It is also necessary to find talented and motivated people. “TMA Matching” enables HR to see to what extent one’s talents correspond to your competency profile.
Finally, HR can monitor a relation between the tasks and the talents of team members. If this difference is too large, take action!

Recruiters can use TMA Talent Assessment for the selection of candidates. Make candidates fill in the talent assessment online during the hiring process, and it will be immediately clear to what extent the talents and competencies of the candidate match to the job profile. In addition, recruiters can use the talent assessment to get in-depth knowledge of their candidates. TMA provides a talent overview, interview questions, information about the ideal work environment and comprehensive matching with the job profile.
Coaches have to deal with many types of questions coming from their candidates. It is always important to know which drives the candidates have and what their talents are. TMA talent information provides valuable knowledge for every coach to start a talent-based “coaching” program.

TMA Talent Assessment summary

People are most motivated, effective and successful in work that is closest to their true nature. From this point of view, the TMA Talent Assessment focuses on your candidates. The TMA Talent Assessment makes it possible to have an objective, constructive and in-depth assessment of motives, drives, competencies talents and development possibilities. The TMA Talent Assessment is used for selection, development, mobility, career choice and reintegration. Download an example report.

The TMA Radar

TMA Radar

TMA Talent Game

TMA Talent Game is a management game that provides comprehensive answers to questions like: What talents do I have? What talents can I use more often? Is our team going in the right direction? How can we better use the abilities of our team members?
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